Welcome Our Soldiers Home



Welcome a Soldier Home!
Many of our single soldiers don't have anyone to welcome them home.  They return to barracks that are empty of everything.  YOU could be the one to let them know that someone cares as they face the difficult transition from deployment to home.
Simply make a $15 donation and this will allow us to purchase the following:
Snacks for their room to hold them over the first 24 hours
Place shampoo, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste at their sink
Hang a fresh bath towel on their shower door
Yes, all of this can be done for ONLY $15!!  Please just click on the link below and welcome one of our Soldiers home.
Donate Online (click here) or mail a check to:
Hugs for Our Soldiers
P.O. Box 532
Vonore, TN  37885


(This is an ongoing program.  There is never a deadline.)

Take a look at our past Welcome Home projects

Fort Hood, TX
This battalion's FRSA was really a joy to team up with to welcome home their 195 single soldiers returning home Iraq.

Fort Campbell, KY

The wives and FRG Leaders of 5th Special Forces Group joined Hugs for Our Soldiers in making 350 Welcome Home packages for their single soldiers returning home from Iraq.

Mannheim, Germany

527th MP Co., 2nd PLT

This platoon of soldiers returned home to our American base in Germany after a 15 month deployment.  Hugs was able to provide their single soldiers with new bath towels for their barracks rooms.

Fort Campbell, KY
2-44 Air Defense Artillery Regiment  

2-44 Air Defense Artillery Regiment

“Strike Fear!”

Hugs for Our Soldiers traveled to Fort Campbell, Kentucky, and with the help of the wives and FRG leaders, 175 Welcome Home packages were made for their single soldiers returning home from deployment.

Fort Campbell, KY


506th Infantry Regiment (Air Assault)


Even in the face of our current economy, the American people have displayed their loyalty to our troops once again!  All 1,400+ single soldiers coming home from Afghanistan will find in their barracks rooms yellow bags filled with snacks, drinks and hygiene items ... a new bath towel ... and Welcome Home signs and messages from our supporters.  A big "HOOAH" to Brand Connections for all of the products they provided.
America soars strong and proud because of these soldiers and we thank all of you who took part in welcoming them home.
                Rear-D Soldiers taking Welcome Home                                         Soldiers say,
                       packages to barracks rooms                                  "Thank You, Brand Connections !"


                Wife, daughter & mom help roll up                            Leigh Terry's students at Heritage
                     and tie off 1,400 bath towels                                    Middle School made colorful
                                                                                            Welcome Home signs for the rooms
Maj. Deverick Jenkins and Hugs' Kathy Orcutt and Lynn DuBose
standing in the sea of Welcome Home packages
Wendy Hermeling, right, Erica Vanderpool, left, and Megan Williams were among volunteers.
Greg Williamson/The Leaf-Chronicle
 Gifts bags for the barracks of 4th Brigade Combat Team returning from deployment as part of "Hugs for Our Soldiers."
Volunteers assembled 1,400 bags consisting of hygiene products and snack goods. Greg Williamson/The Leaf-Chronicle
Welcome Home signs made by our schools & Scouts:

Fort Campbell, KY
Hugs for Our Soldiers was able to support 125 Sustainment Brigade HHC and A Co. soldiers returning to barracks at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, in January.  Our thanks to all who helped us on our workday as we put together Welcome Home packages for these American Heroes.
                          Sustainment Brigade Team                              FRSA Becca Shields & Hugs' Kathy Orcutt
  Sustainment Brigade Soldiers                                           All is done!
FRG Leaders, wives & son of an American Hero!

Fort Campbell, KY

Sam's Club Home

Our thanks to all of you who answered the call to support the single soldiers that returned home to Fort Campbell in November just in time for the holidays!  Because so many individuals, schools, churches, organizations and businesses wanted to let these American Heroes know that we appreciate their service to our country, all 1,500 single soldiers of the 2nd Brigade, 101st Airborne returning to barracks found a bright yellow bag in their room filled with snacks and hygiene items, and a new towel and washcloth laying on their beds.  As one person said:


"PLEASE extend our thanks to all the contributors to your HUGS program!  This is to include all the children and teens who made cards/letters/signs.  Thanks to those who made food contributions, monetary contributions and toiletries/ towels.  It all made a HUGE difference.  The Soldiers had a smile on their faces when they walked into the barracks room and felt the support by people that don't even know them!"


Photos from Welcome Home, 2nd Brigade, 101st Airborne
Here's one of the flights of soldiers returning home from Iraq that you helped support:
Students made Welcome Home signs
Rear-D Soldiers help unload the "Hugs" U-Haul truck
Making snack & hygiene bags and rolling up new towels & washcloths for the single soldiers' barracks rooms
Fort Benning, GA
Thanks to all for helping with 



The 1,200 single Soldiers of the 3rd Brigade were elated to see the Welcome Home posters on their walls and the snack packs on their beds!  Many have written thank you’s to let us know how much it meant to them to be welcomed home from their 15-month deployment “by people we don’t even know,” said one Soldier.  Another Soldier wrote, “What a joy to see those bright yellow bags in the room!  As it was, we came in late.  Having the snacks there for us meant one less stop we had to make.”

Hugs for Our Soldiers volunteers traveled to Fort Benning to hold a Welcome Home, Soldiers! workday. Wives, Rear-D soldiers, BOSS and Columbus residents all came together at Kelly Hill Rec Center to assemble the 1,200 Welcome Home packages which contained chips and salsa, soup, cheese and crackers, cookies, popcorn, candy bars, soft drinks and more. Buffy Kolasheski, wife of 3-1 Commander LTC John Kolasheski, told Hugs for Our Soldiers’ volunteers, “If Hugs for Our Soldiers had not come through with this project, it would have fallen on the shoulders of the wives of the 3rd Brigade. It has been so great to have the help we needed in making this homecoming for our Soldiers wonderful.”
Hugs for Our Soldiers thanks each and every one of you who made it possible to touch the lives of these American Soldiers. It is a memory they will always carry with them.


Photos of this campaign:


Rear-D Soldiers helping us pickup items at Sam's Club



Assembling the snack bags

Making Welcome Home Signs
Soldiers Return Home